A Modular Steel Frame System

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A smart solution for outdoor renovations

Made from lightweight steel, the iFrame is a floating floor system installed over existing ground conditions including concrete, pavers or natural ground.

It comprises of beams, pads and other support components which are assembled to accommodate slopes and gradients for a level and stable finish.

Efficient Assembly 

The iFrame alleviates labour intensive groundworks found in traditional landscaping and can be constructed without disturbing utilities.

 The iFrame is transported in components and assembled in situ. This makes it a solution for tricky-to-access sites, such as balconies and roof terraces, as light or heavy machinery isn't required. 

With each iFrame made-to-measure, each significantly reduces wastage to, and should you want to update your look years later, you can replace deck surfaces with ease.

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Superior structural performance

After a quick assembly,  the system supports a range of high-performing deck surfaces,  including tiles, porcelain decking or a combination.

Furthermore, the system enables flush internal and external floor levels and can even have integrating surfaces for a seamless indoor to outdoor transition.

Modular elements - such as balconies, levels, kitchens and fire-pits - can also fitted onto the iFrame quickly with ease. Services are hidden beneath the surface so that your outdoor area is transformed into an extraordinary living space.

iFrame Benefits

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Efficient Installation

The interlocking system is installed on site without the need of labour intensive groundworks.

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Low Maintenance

The lightweight steel frame won't rot, creep or decay reducing the need for remedial work.

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Function & Form

Each frame is configured to accommodate bespoke heights and design requirements.

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Structural Satisfaction

The system installs over any ground surface or gradient to produce a stable and level finish.

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Seamless Integration

Choose your preferred surface options and enjoy flush to threshold internal and external levels.

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Minimal Access Restrictions

The interlocking system doesn't require machinery and is a solution for most difficult to reach sites.

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Effective Drainage

The iFrame promotes quick and natural drainage without the need of additional systems.

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Contemporary & Uncluttered

Conceal services for modular elements beneath the surface for a clean and minimalist finish.

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