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modern garden landscaping system

The igarden is built around a lightweight steel-frame system. Specifically developed to form a substructure that is both strong and structurally stable. An ideal solution to form the foundations for contemporary outdoor living.

Once installed the igarden ‘base’ is ready to accept a wide range of surface finishes. Choose from low-maintenance porcelain tiles. Or composite decking. Stunning features too. Such as modern planters, bamboo focal points, mood lighting etc. Or a water cascade to take full advantage of vertical space. Or a log burner for a seamless transition from home to garden.
This modern garden landscaping system allows for entry to the most difficult of sites. Also there is no need for lifting gear. The frame substructure is seated on support pads and can be adjusted to accomodate any directional falls. Making it a great garden design and landscaping tool for split-level terraces and balconies. Frames can also be constructed directly over an old patio, or hard landscaped area, without disturbing existing utilities. Once fixed, the frames create a cavity that eliminates the effects of repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Porcelain or Composite Decking – your choice

.Porcelain tiles are comparable with the best in natural stone.  Composite decking reflects the beauty of natural wood.  Both are more durable and offer lower maintenance. The perfect finish for a modern contemporary garden. SEE OUR BLOG for our range of modern contemporary garden porcelain tiles.

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